Are you struggling to overcome the past?

overcome the past

Many people set limitations for their life and their career based on past failures, disappointments, or defeats. Whatever the issue, they determine that they cannot be successful because they have been hurt, failed, harmed, or abandoned by their family, their friends, or their employer. They believe they cannot overcome the past.If you continue to wallow in the past, you are right, you have defined your future.

What if you decided to overcome the past?

I don’t know about you but I have definitely had my share of hurts, disappointments, and failures in my own past. I could make a long list but it doesn’t matter what those things are because I can’t let myself stay there. I can’t allow those hurts, disappointments, or failures to take charge of my future. I have to overcome my past by focusing on the future.

Many people blame their abuse of alcohol or drugs on their past failures or disappointments. But everyday I meet someone who has overcome the past drug or alcohol abuse to triumph. They celebrate their victories, one day at a time. It is easy to blame others for your lack of desire for anything different. Wallowing is comfortable. It gives you an excuse to fail or to do nothing.

Every day I meet people who don’t let the past define their future. They may have a bad moment or day but they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over again.

Are you struggling to overcome the past job loss?

For some people, the loss of a job creates that impossible hurdle because it shatters their confidence and they are convinced that they have no value. When you lose a job, you lose part of your identity and you also lose your security. If the job loss is accompanied by accusations of misconduct or failure to do the job, you wonder if that will follow you forever. It won’t. Or it won’t unless you let it.

Many people have to redefine themselves after a job loss because they defined themselves only as that person in that particular job working for that particular company. When they have to reinvent themselves or rediscover other talents, they may get stuck. Getting unstuck is hard on your own because you can’t see beyond those failures. Sometimes you need help to see your talents and your value but once you do that, you can overcome the past and move forward.

If you are stuck right now or you know someone who cannot overcome the past job loss, maybe it is time to ask for help.

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