Are you the one holding your job search back?

Are you the one holding your job search back?When you don’t know you are holding your job search back, it is hard to recognize what you could do different. Are you one of those people who has scoffed at hiring a career professional? I want to ask you to think deeply about why you would think that way.

Could you be holding your job search back?

We often fail to hire professionals because we think our do-it-yourself options will work out just fine. Unfortunately, we don’t recognize that hiring those professionals will often avoid costly mistakes. Most people now hire someone to change their oil because it is more affordable and less messy to do so. I hire Becky, my hair stylist to cut and style my hair because when I even try to cut my bangs I end up with a less than presentable hair style. I’ve hired an accountant for the past few years instead of using Turbotax because with my business growth and the changes in the tax law, I feel more confident letting a professional make sure that everything is correct.

Hiring a career professional can mean that your job search will be shorter, your compensation plan will be higher, and your new role will be a better fit for you and bring you more joy. Is it worth your time and money to invest to secure the rebranding and professional advice that could change the rest of your life?

This is the results you can get with professional career advice and marketing

From a Design Resumes client who was just promoted to President of her company:

I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help me re-write my resume and LinkedIn profile. I’m astounded at how many emails and calls I’ve received for opportunities across the country!

Is it your turn to shine?

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