Is your attitude stinking up your job search?

How dare I ask is your attitude stinking up your job search?

I ask, because a bad attitude can make a mess of a job search faster than anything else you can do.

In fact, a bad attitude can cause you to lose a job more quickly too.

How do I avoid my attitude stinking?

Some job seekers don’t have a problem with their attitude stinking up their job search.

These job seekers recognize that they have to put in the work for job search to reap benefits.

Despite things not going right, the job seeker with the positive attitude presses on.

Fix your attitude at work

Everyone knows the person whose attitude stinks. The way it manifests can be different. The person can complain about everything from the work to the day. Other people can just be lackadaisical and not put in any effort.

Your opportunities to be recommended for other jobs or promoted decrease with a bad attitude. If your attitude is bad enough, you can even find yourself out the door.

I’m not employed and everything is going wrong attitude

When you are not employed, everything can get to you. However, no one wants to help the complainer. Same principles apply to you if you are unemployed except instead of hurting yourself on the job, you hurt yourself in the search. Your networking opportunities dissolve when you are negative.

It is really hard to see opportunity when you have a bad attitude. Everything looks bad to you.

How do you stop it?

When you recognize a problem, it is much easier to solve it. As hard as it is to stay positive, try hard to keep your attitude up. Give yourself special breaks when you notice you have a stinking attitude. Treat yourself to low-cost frills:

  • A walk outside, stop and smell the roses! (or listen to the birds sing)
  • Perhaps a free concert
  • Coffee with a friend
  • A nap
  • Read a good book
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Phone a friend
  • Watch local sports
  • Exercise
  • Make your favorite meal
  • Eat chocolate

You get the idea. Change things to make yourself refocus. Don’t let yourself dwell on the negative.

I’ve been working with frustrated job seekers for a long time. Even when you do it all right, things can go wrong. Keeping a positive attitude is tough but you win more with sweetness than sour.

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