How to boost your productivity in 24 hours

How to boost your productivity in 24 hoursOne of the things I hear often from people is that they are so overwhelmed. If they could just boost their productivity or find a balance, they would be happier. I get that. We all want to find ways of getting more done quicker, myself included.

Productivity versus balance

I know I have been guilty of trying to boost productivity while pushing myself to the limit. Think about these things and ask yourself how many of these things apply:

Do you do this?

  1. Over-scheduling – you are scheduling yourself so heavily that you find yourself without time to re-energize. Decide if you are really delivering your best services when you are over-scheduled. Re-think your schedule, I did.
  2. Over-committing – Too many yeses in your schedule? In addition to work, are you committing too multiple volunteer opportunities. While I believe in volunteering, I also believe that you can over-volunteer – yes, I am guilty of that too!
  3. Refusing technology – Many people are either afraid of technology or are unwilling to try to do something a different way. Tools are invented every day that not only help you, they make it fun. In a future post, I will share some of my favorite tools – both technology and just fun tools that help you get it done.

Are these your issues?

  1. Out of shape – Media often cites America’s obesity issues. Are you stuck to your desk? Find ways to get away from the sit at your desk syndrome and you will find yourself with more energy.
  2. Short-sleeping – Are you bragging because you get 6 or less hours of sleep? Lack of sleep is nothing to brag about. Most of us need at least 7, some function better on 8 to 10 hours per night.
  3. Skipping meals – There are many easy, yet healthy choices on the market. Stop skipping meals. It doesn’t help with weight loss and it may result in your being much less productive. Your body needs food to thrive.
  4. Too much social mediaI love social media but it is so easy to get sucked in to making it a priority. Ration your social media use. You can still enjoy it, just not all the time.

If you are finding that the above apply to you, make tiny changes on one or more of them for the next 24 hours and see if you don’t find yourself more productive.

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