Did you review your resolutions yet?

Did you review your resolutions yet?My Facebook and Twitter friends greeted me with birthday wishes starting yesterday and continuing today. What a wonderful feeling to have a global community of friends to help me remember another milestone!

Halfway through the year

When thinking about the date that marks my 54 years on this earth, July 1, I realized it is halfway through the year, exactly half way. 6 months are past and 6 months until the next January 1, the new year. I don’t know why that never occurred to me before but it didn’t.

Though it is my birthday, it is also your day to see what you have done in 6 months. You can set new goals or resolutions for yourself.

Use my comments section below to let me know what you have done, what you would like to do, and how far you are on your goals.

When we share our goals, we are more likely to work toward them.

I have many goals, some big and some small. Break big goals down to make them achievable and actionable.

Current goals and resolutions

Build Design Resumes into a sustainable consistent flow of revenue. With the departure from contracts, running my business with a total focus has been a relief and a joy. Sure, it is work but I see growth, I find I give more value to my clients.

Spend time learning more about cutting-edge job search, resume writing, and career marketing strategies. Two career conferences this year and some smaller courses, plus trying to give myself time to read.

Make my office functional for me and pleasant for face-to-face clients. Proof of progress was a visit from one of my clients who is an Interior Designer who gave me a nod of approval when she visited yesterday and saw the changes since she was here last.

Future goals and resolutions

Take back my yard and garden. All those years on the river with Wausau Whitewater gave me little time to be in my own yard. I am incorporating some of my exercise into yard maintenance. This is clearly a work in progress. The garden is planted but the rabbits have enjoyed the radishes, lettuce, beans, and kohlrabi more than me. There are areas of the yard I am working on but it will take time to achieve those goals. Appreciating the beauty and capturing the flowers on camera are part of the reward.

I want a kitchen. This is the house in progress. Bought to be a 2 year flip house for us, 18 years later we have achieved many goals. Since I love to cook, the demolition kitchen, as I not so fondly call it, needs to go. I pulled the floor at Thanksgiving last year because the old linoleum was so ugly. However, I can’t put the new floor down (laminate flooring is in the basement) until we have a plan, gut the rest, and remodel. Can you say BIG goal?

We will need a new roof. I would hate to stall my kitchen dreams for much longer if the roof gets any worse. It was old when we moved in 18+ years ago and now is showing signs of wear.

Long term goals

Fiscally responsible. I’ve been working on this for a while but things keep happening and I slide backwards but my goal is to be debt-free someday and have the prescribed nest eggs and rainy day funds. Harder when you are totally self-employed but that is the goal.

Last but not least, work on exercise, being healthy, eating healthy, and getting in shape. I was very successful three years ago and it lasted for a year plus. Now I am sitting too much and not walking Teddy enough. SO anyone want to track my progress there too?

These are just a few of my goals. You now know some of my top ones. My client this morning said he told his children, “find something you love, that you want to get out of bed in the morning to do, and make it your passion. That’s all I want for your lives.” Wise Dad!

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  1. Brent Peterson on July 1, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Hi Julie –

    Happy Birthday!

    Nice blog post. I know you will be successful at whatever goal you set. I’m discovering that the more I tell people what my goals are (and remind myself), the more they become a reality.

    So I’ve added my bold vision to my twitter profile and to my new facebook page. I’m making it part of my branding.

    As another example, I had coffee this morning with a leadership consultant (and former executive) and he mentioned Gary Vaynerchuck’s book Crush It and Gary’s goal to own the NY Jets someday.

    Now I haven’t read Gary’s book or blog..all I hear is that he is some wine selling guy on youtube.. but I keep hearing his ultimate goal from different people. That’s what people remember!

    Now that’s the power of goals and branding!


    • Julie Walraven on July 1, 2010 at 2:35 pm

      Cool, Brent! You are an inspiration, Mr. Interview Angel! The first Interview product arrived today just as one of my executive clients was leaving. He loves it. We will examine it further but yes, goal-setting, connecting with people who have the integrity and vision you have, and moving on the goals is what it is all about!

  2. Keith Davis on July 1, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Hi Julie
    “Halfway through the year” I can’t believe it!
    You seem to have everything so well organised – scares me a bit.
    The economy in the UK is pretty bad at the moment so for most people just staying in work is something to be proud of.
    Guess my summary for the past six months is that I’ve stayed in work and for the next six months? Fingers crossed.
    .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..A splash of colour =-.

    • Julie Walraven on July 1, 2010 at 2:37 pm

      The economy everywhere is bad, Keith, but those people who have vision and look to the future will succeed. It is going to take awhile to pull out of the global economic crisis but I think you will see amazing success in those people who dig in, set goals, determine what they need to get there and make steps.

      I just figured out the halfway a day or so ago, after being alive for a long time…

  3. Ed Han on July 1, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    As always Julie, I’m impressed at how you draw broader and deeper meaning from what goes on around you–and happy birthday again! 😀


    • Julie Walraven on July 1, 2010 at 3:44 pm

      Thank you, Ed! This post had a very ulterior motive. If I tell others my goals, they have power and I have a point of reference for the future. So what Are yours?

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