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One of the things that professional resume writers hate to hear is someone who wants to hire them for a job opportunity that is due in two days. I know I can speak for the career industry when I say that many of us have been blessed with many new clients and buried in client work in 2014. When someone calls and says, "I really want to work with you! I need a new resume and the opportunity ends in two days." Most of the time, the answer is unfortunately, I can't help you at this time.

You won't work with me on my rush project?

Don't get me wrong. I love new clients. I need new clients. But when you ask me to create something in two days, it isn't going to happen. Resumes are all about strategy, creativity, and value. Talking with other professional resume writers around the globe, the consensus is in. We have no magic wands, nor is it fair for us to slide you in before the other clients who planned ahead and scheduled their project.

How much time do you need to write my resume?

The answer, "It depends," a classic resume writing answer.

  • It depends on how many clients we currently are working with.
  • It depends on what level you are in your career, the higher you rise, the more challenging the resume is to write.
  • It depends on what your job target is since the narrower the focus, think CEO or Director level, the harder we have to work to get the resume to resonate for that position.
  • It depends on what the competition is in your field.
  • It depends on how complicated your field is to discuss in understandable terms. Think engineering, IT, or scientific research, which all can have concepts so specific that they won't make sense to everyone in the field.
  • It depends on how prepared you are with more than just the facts. We dig deep and look for those hidden nuggets of gold that differentiate you from the other applicants. This becomes even more important as you rise in your career.
  • It depends on how articulate you are in sharing your information with us. If we have to pry it out of you, it will take longer.

Working with me is different than many other professional resume writers. I write live with you as an active participant so not only do I need time to write, you need time to meet with me. My clients value career planning and find the time to collaborate.

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