Goals, Results, and Setbacks in your life!

Goals, results, and setbacks

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Do you struggle with goals, results, and setbacks? I’ve always been a goal-setter but not always a goal finisher. This year I’ve been working hard to change. I’ve been determining what I want and going after it in a much more organized and targeted fashion.

Goals, Results, and Setbacks

  • Problem: OVERLOAD — I was overwhelmed with too much to do as both non-profit manager and career marketing professional Excuse: It’s always been this way. Solution: Resigned from Wausau Whitewater in December Result: More time to focus on Design Resumes.
  • Problem: STUCK — 17 years+ (note that number, you’ll see it a lot) we had this awful, red-plaid shag carpeting (think 1960’s) in the living room and in the dining room for awhile. Excuse: you can’t put flooring down until you finish the other remodels — and we are always remodeling. Solution: I convinced husband to buy a reasonable cost variegated Berber in a light grey blend and had it installed in December. Result: Compliments from friends and family and a happier Julie.
  • Problem: UNINVITING — 17 years+ the family room, now my office, needed a face-lift, finished fireplace, new ceiling & lighting Excuse: costs money and no one here liked to do finish carpentry. Solution: I hired contractor to complete the project  in March. Result: More professional-looking work space.
  • Problem: ISOLATED — I never interacted with the career community in real life. Excuse: Too  much to do, can’t afford it. Solution: Budgeted, planned, and decided to invest in multiple career conferences in 2010. Result: Built critical career industry knowledge from meeting experts personally and building new contacts and alliances.

Goals, Results, and Setbacks:

  • Setback: INCOME LOSS — March’s income tanked making me fearful. Action: Focused on maximizing income and minimizing expenses while networking to create alternative options and remain positive. Results: May is almost 4 times March’s income and I am continuing to market and network to keep the flow coming and growing.
  • Setback: ILLNESS — Sinus infections moved to my ear and eye making it hard to keep up with the work flow. Action: After using homeopathic options, ended up going to both ENT’s Dr. Voss and Stine Eye Center’s Dr. Stine. Results: Treatment by professionals caused a marked change within less than 24 hours.

No matter how many goals you set and how hard you work at them, you will always have setbacks. Whether you are a business owner or job seeker, you need to continue to analyze, set new goals, and take note of the results. You are likely to have achieved more than you think possible.


  1. Shahrzad Arasteh on May 29, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Hi Julie,

    These are great examples of goals, obstacles, and steps taken to lead to desired results! Congratulations on achieving so many positive results and thank you for sharing your inspiring experience with us.

    I’m so glad you chose to come to the Career Thought Leaders conference; it was wonderful to meet you in person and has been a joy to stay connected!

    Warmest wishes,


    • Julie Walraven on May 29, 2010 at 5:45 pm

      Thanks, Shahrzad, I have had many blessings from both of the conferences I attended. The setbacks make me impatient but I know I am moving forward and gaining ground. Sounds like you are continuing in forward motion too!

  2. Melissa on May 29, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    What an inspirational post, Julie! The successes you have experienced and your ability to overcome the problems that have presented themselves are wonderful.

    You know, the way you talk about the problems that presented themselves, the actions you took, and the final results reminded me of how job seekers should present themselves in interviews — as people who can identify problems, take action to solve them, and then achieve great results!

    • Julie Walraven on May 30, 2010 at 6:34 am

      Thank you! I appreciate the support and understanding!

      Not just in interviews, Melissa, Challenge, Action, Result (CAR) or Situation or Task, Action, Result (STAR) are both examples of formats that I and others use in resume writing. What job seekers need to demonstrate to the employer is that they understand their pain, they know how to solve it, and they have delivered proven (or better yet, measurable) results in the past.

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