How to make extremely valuable LinkedIn connections

Mindlessly connecting — 70% of the connection requests I get on LinkedIn seem to come from people who are mindlessly connecting. Many times, we have never had a connection. Someone just sends a request, “I’d like you to join my professional network on LinkedIn.” I know, it’s the default invite. Maybe they hit the button too fast but then follow up with some sort of message. My email is everywhere. You can send me a note saying why you wanted to connect.

How to improve your requests and make extremely valuable LinkedIn connections

If you don’t mean to be a mindless connector and would like valuable LinkedIn connections, then let’s talk about how to improve your LinkedIn strategies.

  1. Start by connecting with people you know, people you have had a human conversation with at least once. You can have the conversation on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn but a conversation, dialogue, or interaction.
  2. Research possible connections from your present connections. Often people you know are connected to people who you already know, you just never thought to ask them.
  3. LinkedIn is growing, think about people from your church, your neighborhood, your school, your club, or your sports. Make the easy connections first. Use the LinkedIn search button to find people you know.
  4. Send something other than the default invite. Go to the person’s profile to find the connect button, this way the default invite won’t autosend. Write your reason for connecting. See below for some examples:

LinkedIn Invitation Examples for more valuable LinkedIn Connections

  1. Enjoyed talking to you last week at the Chamber meeting, I would like you to become part of my LinkedIn Network.
  2. Loved meeting you at the XYZ convention. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.
  3. Enjoyed the conversation about dragonflies on Facebook. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.
  4. Appreciate your constant attention to the lost dogs. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.
  5. Enjoyed working with you at the football concession stand. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.
  6. John Smith talked to me about your work with endangered eagles. Let’s connect on LinkedIn and get a conversation going.

My clients often connect with me on LinkedIn but with my interactive process, I get to know my clients quite well and enjoy staying connected long after I deliver their project.

Make sure you are genuine in expanding your LinkedIn network, make valuable LinkedIn connections that you will be appreciate in the future. Numbers for the sake of numbers is never a good idea.

Julie Walraven is a triple-certified resume writer whose interactive coaching style helps job seekers earn winning positions when she creates tactical resumes and LinkedIn profiles to market you for success. Learn more here.


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