How to under promise and over deliver in your job


How to under promise and over deliver in your job


When writing your resume or in a job interview, there is a tendency to over promise and under deliver. Some people live their whole lives that way and can’t figure out why they continue to struggle.

What you really need to do is under promise and over deliver

When you write your resume, while you need to bring out your value, you don’t want to inflate that value. Too many people think that this is the purpose of resumes, just exaggerate your wins and you will land the dream job. We live in the world of Google now. It is very easy to check things.

If you put unbelievable success stories in your resume or tell inflated stories in the job interview, your facts can be verified much more easily and you may end up embarrassed when they call you on the details.

What if your pattern is over promise and under delivering?

Some people get a reputation for over-promising and under delivering. They promise they can solve the problem for the customer or get the product delivered by Friday when it will take 2 more weeks.

Or they promise they can exceed the sales goals, they promise they can work miracles, but they can’t. When they are found out or when they miss deadlines, they lose credibility.

If this sounds like you, reconsider your strategy. Change to under promise and over deliver. Don’t inflate your value!

Honestly analyze the needs of the employer and under promise your solution but then over deliver. Go the extra mile. Take the extra step. Pay attention to details. Make a great first (and last) impression.

What really sells your value is your ability to be a man (or woman) of your word!

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