How to update LinkedIn when you lost your job

How do you update LinkedIn when you lost your job? Many job seekers squirm over what to write or how to explain the lack of a job.

Perhaps you struggle with being unemployed, especially if you were always employed. You get advice from online sources or other job seekers on ways to game the system so that your LinkedIn profile ranks higher. The problem with this is that you create an atmosphere of distrust.

How to update LinkedIn for top value

One problem I see with people who update LinkedIn is that they really don’t update it. The job seeker is so worried about the rankings issues that they miss the obvious. It takes real content not keyword stuffed content for LinkedIn to work best.

Each section of your profile should tell your career story. I generally eliminate months on LinkedIn. By eliminating months, some of the angst of being unemployed will go away.

Does your LinkedIn profile show how you can do the job?

  • Update LinkedIn with a targeted headline at the top. Don’t use the current title. (this is true if you are employed too) There is a checkbox in the current position area that overrides the headline, make sure you uncheck it. Sell your value, not your title.
  • Select keywords for skills to fit the jobs you seek.
  • Write content robust with accomplishments: show how you cut costs, boosted revenue, improved processes, retained customers, landed new customers, engineered new products, or marketed the company.
  • If you can honestly say you have done something since you lost your job, create a section to represent this endeavor. Did you consult with a company and solve problems?

Wondering how do I update LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is complex. As an early writer of LinkedIn profiles, I watched LinkedIn grow and evolve to the largest professional network.

It is not just a job search tool but a lifelong asset in your arsenal that will provide value as you learn to leverage your connections. My one-on-one LinkedIn coaching sessions help job seekers better understand the networking value of LinkedIn.

Land your dream job! I help job seekers via interactive and personalized strategic coaching sessions to land their ideal job and achieve career happiness.

How to update LinkedIn when you lost your job

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