Watch your LinkedIn Headline – don't let it tell you what to say!

When individuals create or update their LinkedIn profile themselves, they often miss one of the most valuable parts of LinkedIn. By default, LinkedIn will make your most recent job title your headline and even put in the company name.

Julie Walraven LinkedInWhy your job title should not be your LinkedIn Headline

You’re probably thinking, I don’t get it, what’s wrong with that? Your job title is already in the place it belongs on LinkedIn, it is in the job title of your position. If you also use it as your LinkedIn headline, you miss being able to create a 120 character branding statement that reflects your value and what you bring to the table.

Let’s look at some LinkedIn headlines I created for my clients. Identifying details are removed.

  • Energetic and resourceful Building Trades Representative with expertise in negotiations, and business development.
  • Creative, energetic, and confident manager with a reputation as both a leader and coach.
  • Client-focused, goal-driven manager, with extensive background in key marketing and development roles
  • Energetic Facilities Manager, expert in comprehensive management and operations for 1 million sq. ft. multiple sites.
  • Creative, enthusiastic professional with a wealth of marketing expertise.
  • Dedicated, confident professional with expertise in business and health care marketing in the home health care industry.

Identify yourself with the value you bring not your job title

As I researched my connections, I found that many of the LinkedIn profiles I created lost their headlines when the client updated the LinkedIn profile to reflect their new job or career path. What’s wrong with that?

It is exciting when people are in new roles but when they let the job title take over the headline, they diminish the value that LinkedIn brings to them. Branding is a really hard concept for many people to get but just remember this:

In this volatile career market, you NEVER want to stop marketing you. Networking is lifelong part of your career management plan. Don’t drop the ball just because you are hired.

Ask yourself what you bring to the table and then do some brainstorming to figure out what you can say about you in 120 characters and then rewrite your LinkedIn headline.

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