I Wandered Away, But I Wasn’t Lost

If you followed this blog, you might wonder why I have been silent for more than two months. You might think I abandoned the blog or something happened to me but really neither of those would be right.

Wasn’t lost, just busy

I had plenty of blogging ideas and overall I’m fine. I did get amazingly busy though because of multiple factors.

I mentioned Wausau Whitewater before. I play so many roles that sometimes I lose track. As the Operations Coordinator for Wausau Whitewater, I am involved in almost every aspect of the non-profit. The month of December was filled with budget item reviews, bids for vendor services, and calculations on how we will survive in this economy in 2009.

The new President Mike Schroeder and I worked very hard, we now feel very positive about the upcoming season. I report on the Wausau Whitewater happenings because it represents a huge part of my life.

We worked steadily for the last few months to get ready to launch the season. I spent incredible amounts of time creating brochures, flyers, and handouts. It won’t go quiet on the whitewater front until at least October but some things are in place and I can see daylight again.

I wasn’t lost just focused on other projects

Then there was the original website. (This website initially was created in 2009 but was dramatically changed multiple times since with the most recent design and development completed by Raul Colon and his team at Limonade.com)

I planned to do a blog post about Design Resumes website launching. There’s a story there too. I was so stuck trying to figure out how to write the pricing page I stalled the whole website project until it made me so uncomfortable. In between whitewater assignments, Mike wondered why I was uptight.

Admit you are stuck and challenge yourself to move on

Once I admitted that I was stuck, he challenged me to finish up the project so I could be able to move forward on others. In three days, I wrote the rest of the missing pieces to designresumes.com and we went live. It launched on January 6 and started another amazing journey changing how I do business.

(As I update this article in 2019, I now work with clients nationwide on a daily basis and occasionally with clients in Europe and other parts of the world.)

After we launched the website in 2009, I got this bright idea that I wanted this blog to be part of the site. I enlisted the help of Kim Woodbridge from her Anti-Social Development, http://www.kimwoodbridge.com/ to help me port the blog to the site. I found Kim sometime ago when I was reading someone else’s blog. I liked Kim’s communication style and I learned so much from her WordPress blog posts I knew I should hire her to move the blog.

I finally figured out you can edit a website and you don’t have to be perfect to launch one. Thinking you have to do things perfectly slows your progress.

Job seekers get stuck too. I help job seekers overcome the obstacles and reach their goals. I wasn’t lost and you don’t have to be. Learn more about my interactive resume writing process along with the host of career services I provide to help you get unstuck and land that dream job. 

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