business-1839191_1920-1024x685 Is the fear of failure stopping you from moving?Perhaps you have heard of paralysis by analysis, when someone spends so much time looking at all the angles of moving forward that they do nothing at all.

Fear of failure is one of the causes of paralysis by analysis. The fear of failure makes you afraid of making any move in case it could be the wrong one.

Fear of failure affects all aspects of life from your studies in school to entrepreneurial start-ups to making career changes. Many people let the fear of failure stop them from living.

It takes courage to take a step out and make changes but the path to success is often paved with failure.

Examine these scenarios to see if the fear of failure is holding you back?

  • Why you are still working in a job you hate?
  • Are you unwilling to test the waters with the new business idea you have despite the positive feedback you have about its potential?
  • Perhaps you never completed your education and you think you will never get another job?

We make excuses for everything we don’t know.

At the end of the day, if we never give anything a try, we can’t move forward. In these cases, it is the fear of failure holding you back.

When you want to be successful, recognize it isn’t always easy and everyone hits bumps along the way. The perseverance that come from keeping on keeping on will be rewarded in the end.

Perhaps you should change your thinking and see what success could taste like:

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