You have a fantastic resume, now what?

You have a fantastic resume, now what?You worked really hard to create a fantastic resume or you hired a pro to do it for you. After you applied online, you hear nothing. You wonder if you really have a fantastic resume or what you are doing wrong.

Second guess your fantastic resume or…

Admittedly, sometimes a resume doesn’t hit the mark because it wasn’t a fantastic resume at all. More often though, the breakdown happens when you use a quality resume wrongly or you fail to really use it at all.

Even after you invest in getting the resume right, it is tempting to stick with tired job search methods.

Applying online is all the rage and so many people freak out about getting the ATS resume right. ATS means Applicant Tracking System, the system that moves your resume to the company’s human resources department.

While ATS is important to get you into the system, if you stop there you lose. You need to go beyond applying online.

How to go beyond applying online

This is the scary part. You have to TALK to people. Don’t just email HR. Do the research. Find the hiring manager. Next, look for the person with the ability to connect you with the person who makes hiring decisions for the company.

LinkedIn can help you recognize who knows who at the company you want and even connect you with that someone. Most people undervalue real networking. LinkedIn is a tool to help you get there but it is still not the solution.

Real networking is research. Finding connections and keeping those connections nurtured throughout your career. When you are in a job search, you need to reach those connections and communicate.

The ones who win the best jobs know this and practice it.

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