Do you hold on to the old way too long?

Do you hold on to the old way too long?We all have things we hold on to for longer than we should because we are afraid to let go of old things or old ways of doing things. Perhaps we are afraid of anything new and different.

Why do we hold on to the old way or old things?

The answer is change is uncomfortable. Sometimes the answer is much deeper. Take the photo at the left. Pictured are two hairbrushes. The hairbrush on the left is decrepit, worn out and ruined because of age and overuse.

The hairbrush on the right was hardly used, albeit in my husband, Bill’s possession for more than 10 years. Yes, both are my husband’s hairbrushes. He has a hard time letting go. Bill tends to hold on to things for a very long time.

He had the hairbrush on the left before we were married 36+ years ago. As he recalls, he first got the hairbrush when his roommate left it behind in college in 1967. Yup, that makes it 50 years old this year. It was ruined when we met in 1979. But he held on to that hairbrush even when he had a replacement available and even when he could have bought any hairbrush he wanted. Bill finally agreed recently that he would change to the new brush now.

Job seekers hold on to old ways of job search too

When I work with job seekers, they are often stuck too in old ways of doing things. Someone called me and asked what is the most current way of writing resumes recently. The reality is though certainly things changed but there is no one “right” way. The right way to write your resume is the way to best showcase your unique value! Finding the right strategy for your job search is critical to your success.

I use a different strategy with every client. What works for an attorney may not work for a company President. The resume style that fits a VP of Global Sourcing may be all wrong for a Director of Strategy and Planning. The VP of Sales in IT software solutions for compliance needs a different kind of resume than a Director of Global Accounts, Private Equities, and Group Purchasing Organizations in OEM construction product sales.

Don’t hold on to the wrong job search strategy because it was the way you always did it before. I deliver individualized resume writing, LinkedIn coaching and profile writing to a diverse range of professionals in many career paths. As we work together, we discover the right path for you to help you reach new goals.

Land your dream job! I help job seekers via interactive and personalized strategic coaching sessions to land their ideal job and achieve career happiness. Find out how to create your resume writing and job search solution here!

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