Are you stuck because you are afraid of change?

Are you stuck because you are afraid of change?Regular readers know this is the year of my long-awaited new kitchen. I admit I have been stuck. Stuck by fears mostly. Afraid to take the chance. Sometimes we get stuck in a corner.

This is how bad I have been stuck: (don’t laugh – at least not too hard)

  • For longer than I can remember, we keep the oven door closed by putting in the screwdriver.
  • The burners don’t connect right so before we turn them on, we push them tighter with a big fork.
  • The microwave makes sounds like gunshots and doesn’t turn, but it works if you are creative.
  • We glued the parts back on the dishwasher and stuck a nail in the track so the track doesn’t fly off.
  • There is no flooring because the linoleum was so badly ripped that I tore it out — in 2009.
  • The sink cabinet doors were removed when we moved in.
  • One of the lazy susans is just a shell because I pulled it out when we moved in. That was 1992.
  • Several of the kitchen drawers have been glued back together.

My fears had me stuck

I know the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to redo. We bought the house in 1992 to remodel but we just never got to the kitchen. But I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen so I was sabotaging my own happiness.

At first we did entertain a little, but over the years we just stopped having anyone over for dinner except the boys friends. It is kind of embarrassing to be so stuck.

Regular readers may remember that the cabinets and new countertops are on order, the laminate flooring has actually been downstairs in boxes since about 2009 but I wanted the whole deal, the whole kitchen, not a band aid of a new floor. We talked to the appliance store and yesterday one of my favorite clients affirmed that the brand I am choosing is still a great brand and well manufactured in the USA. I’ll order the appliances soon.

We’re taking a risk, we putting ourselves further in debt and we are leveraging my son’s house to get the equity. But we will have a new kitchen this year. Maybe soon I will let you peek at before photos.

Son, Dan, the contractor will drive the project. I have seen his work before and I am excited. He was 5 when we moved in here.

What are you stuck with?

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