How much is your new job worth?

Is your new job worth investing in it? Job seekers struggle to find that elusive new job but often don’t want to invest enough in the tools or the search to find it.

Face it, a job search is hard work. Sometimes people say it is a job in itself. If you are already working a full-time job, it is hard to justify either the time or the dollars to find your new job.

What is your new job worth?

If you worked in a role not at the level you desire, you may feel that the next new job will elevate you to better use your talents. You are wondering how you will ever get there. Often prospective clients tell me their resume must be failing because no one is noticing them.

Today’s job search is a combination of many things. Yes, a quality resume is still key. However, if you have no LinkedIn presence or your LinkedIn presence is not marketing you, you will struggle. Moreso, if you think all jobs are on job boards and you will find them by just applying, you will struggle.

I teach job seekers the way to get beyond old strategies, realize the hidden job market, and take them to the next level in job search marketing.

Smart job seekers recognize that expert help will help them reach their goals faster and in fact, save them money and time.

Is your new job worth investing time and money?

Sometimes it isn’t even what your new job is worth but what your worth is to you. If you value yourself, you will stretch yourself further to reach your goals. If you don’t think you are valuable, you will find it hard to invest in anything and hard to find time to do something more to reach your goals.

When I work with job seekers, I help them recognize their true value, capture that value, and create a career marketing plan to help them reach their goals.

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