8 ways to optimize Facebook in your job search

8 ways to optimize Facebook in your job searchWhat is optimize Facebook? I thought LinkedIn was the only social media used in job search. I don’t get it!

LinkedIn is considered the job seekers tool. It is a professional network not designed to work only for job search but it is the tool that allows you to present yourself well to the public and even incorporates a resume-like feel by listing your work history and education.

If you do choose to be one of the 10% of the 313 million people on LinkedIn who fully optimizes your LinkedIn profile with key words, a professional-looking photo, value-driven accomplishments, and a personalized summary, LinkedIn is likely to work even better for you. How do I know? The LinkedIn profiles I have written for my clients drive results and success stories.

What about Facebook?

I said this article was going to be about Facebook but to get you to that mindset, I needed to speak about LinkedIn. Facebook is generally considered more of a fun social network and some of the positioning that people understand about LinkedIn is left out of Facebook. But what about when you are in a job search or considering a career move?

Whenever I teach a class about social media job search, I discuss all the main platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. One of the first things I address is making sure you are not posting content or being tagged in content that a prospective employer doesn’t want to see.

Today I would like you to consider an even more job search focus for Facebook. I have experimented with using Facebook’s promotions to build connections on my Design Resumes Facebook page and inevitably when I do a campaign I find that the new “Likes” are all from people with unusual Facebook profiles and photos.

Facebook promises that it is targeting the type of people I want as clients and I use specific key words and content to be in front of the audience I am looking for but the new likes are not from those people. My personal connections on all platforms are filled with people who are personable, honest, and professional and my own organic connections on Design Resumes Facebook  page are the same but the likes generated by the campaigns prove to me that these people don’t care about being professional.

Never assume that privacy settings allow you to be incognito on Facebook. There are plenty of ways to get around privacy settings, ask insurance companies, hiring managers, private detectives, lawyers, and police.

How then should you optimize Facebook in your job search or ready to make a change?

  1. Photograph  Though Facebook is much more relaxed, don’t post a profile photo that makes you look like a gangster (unless you are trying to get a new job as a gangster perhaps). Be selective of grooming, style, and appearance for profile photos for Facebook. They all send a message not only to hiring managers but to your network who may be willing to help you move forward in your career.
  2. Language – If you are one of those people who are not careful about what you say, make sure that you start thinking about using curse words or derogatory verbiage on Facebook. It all reflects on you.
  3. About Page – Don’t miss the opportunity to let your Facebook connections and network know your work history and background. The About Page is the perfect place to let people know what you do. You don’t have to give it a full resume feel but adding your employment and some success stories looks better than an empty about page or one filled with odd comments.
  4. Content – Whatever you post on Facebook does reflect on you. If you continually put out depressing messages about how unhappy you are or you post inflammatory comments about your job or coworkers, you are sending messages. If those messages are being read by people who might have the right opportunity for you, you blew it. We all have a bad day but if you aren’t careful and use Facebook to vent, you sabotage your future opportunities.
  5. Connections – People who you connect with on Facebook reflect on you. If your friends continually post garbage and share it to your wall, you are likely to be associated with that mindset.
  6. Sharing – Share good content. Be innovative and post things about your area of expertise. While Facebook is less professional than LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean you can’t look intelligent by showing that you read quality information and promote good causes.
  7. Likes – While a “like” on Facebook is not necessarily an endorsement, it does show your choices.
  8. Photos – Offensive content whether it is a photo or just a comment always reflects on you.

This little list should give you an idea of how to make your Facebook time as a job seeker more effective. Don’t be afraid of using this great tool, just optimize it to work for you.

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