Are you struggling to focus on your next step?

Are you struggling to focus on your next step?

Too much noise? How can you focus on your next step when there is so much noise?

Your next career opportunity could be just around the corner but you won’t know because there is too much noise.

I think we get stuck when we are surrounded by too much noise.

Noise comes from many places. It comes from having so much information thrust at us that we get confused and stuck.

The early days

Perhaps you didn’t think it would be that way when you first started out in a career. For some people, the early steps are clear. Maybe you landed well the first time and life was pretty easy.

You were soaring along.

You had clarity.

And boom! You hit a roadblock.

For some people, it is life stuff. You got married or had children. The career path you planned doesn’t fit your family style. Too much travel. Too long of hours.

For other people, the roadblock is a merger acquisition. Your career was going great until someone decided to sell the company or it was acquired by a bigger competitor.

Other people struggle with just a bad fit. The corporate climate is toxic.

Still others need a bigger challenge to keep them going.

But you are scared. Scared to take the next step because you can’t find clarity.

The Next Step? Should I stay or should I go?

The best way to take the next step is to be ready.

If you are thinking that you will just wait for the opportunity, it may pass you by. I know that now with all the noise in the media, you may think it is time to dig in your heels.

Don’t do that! I can tell you that I have helped many clients make great moves even in turbulent times. But they were prepared. They were ready.

I have walked thousands of people through difficult job search. Helped them make sense of chaos. Showed them the next step.

Is it time for you?

Land your dream job! I help job seekers via interactive and personalized strategic coaching sessions to land their ideal job and achieve career happiness. Find out how to create your resume writing and job search solution here!

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