The challenge of life in general

When Chele Wells, aka iNetConnect Careers issued this challenge at the end of June called Workout Warrior Fitspiration – 31 Day Challenge on Facebook:

  • To walk, run, or exercise for 31 mins a day for 31 days.
  • Where – Your workout spot – Home, Gym, Park

Always up for a challenge

I asked Chele if I could join. At that point, Buddy (my 1 year, 3 month old German Shepherd) and I were only walking around the reservoir across the street but I thought I would give it a try. I completed my July 1 assignment of 31 minutes.

The obstacles

I met with a friend from church on Tuesday and told her the problems I had walking Buddy. I was afraid to walk him far because he barks at other dogs. Deb, my friend from church, suggested walking early. (Less dogs) With Chele’s challenge and Deb’s encouragement, I determined that I would try to walk Buddy EARLY.

The commitment

I use MapYourWalk to track my workouts and on the 4th of July, I bravely ventured out with Buddy on a course close to home (just in case) and walked 1.29 miles. Each day after that I logged in and increased the miles slightly.

On Saturday, July 7, I completed 2.08 miles with Buddy and then joined my young neighbor, Alyson, for our trek down to the Farmer’s Market, something else I wouldn’t have done without encouragement. When Alyson first suggested that we go down to the Farmer’s Market, I thought she meant in a car. We live on top of a hill. You have to climb back up and we would have veggies and fruit. But we did it, another 3.06 miles to add to the 2.08.

A Setback

All was going great, with an average of 1.65 or more daily which easily meets my 31 minute commitment. Until – Wednesday, July 11. Buddy and I were almost home from our 1.99 mile walk. Another dog was walking with his master. The master crossed the street on purpose more than a block ahead. But since the black lab and his master were going north and Buddy and I were going south, Buddy had a good view of this potential new friend. He barked and pulled and pulled me down splat on the pavement. The master of the dog would have helped but we had two dogs that didn’t know each other so I waved him off and bravely (albeit slowly) got up and struggled home. My right wrist hurt and my ribs were feeling the pavement hit too.

I debated about going to a doctor but since when I broke my leg in 2003, I knew it, I figured that it was a bad sprain and ice, ibuprofen and a bandage would be sufficient. The ribs were sore but most of the time, there is nothing they can do with those either except give you a rib bandage if it is bad enough and we already own one.

The first thing I did was find our wrist bandage and then see if I would be able to type. I could. So I pressed on.

Facing choices: keeping on or giving up

The next morning I faced a choice. Should I give up on Chele’s challenge, claim medical disability, and quit? I asked my husband, and he said just try, you can always just go around the reservoir. So I went out the front door. But I didn’t walk around the reservoir, I walked one of my routes, just a little shorter, 1.49 miles and it took me 31 minutes. Every day since, I have walked about 1.62 miles. I remind Buddy that his job is to keep me from falling. Everyone knows that German Shepherds are working dogs and need a job to do.

I believe I will finish my 31 days and keep it going after that. My dog is benefiting and so am I. My wrist is getting better, I still have some tasks I can’t do but it works. Bending down hurts my ribs but I am getting creative in ways to bend differently or move things to where I can pick them up easier.

Job search is like this too:

  1. You face a challenge. You either lost a job and need a new one or feel you should move on and need a new one. It’s a challenge.
  2. The Obstacles. You will know from the start that there are barriers and obstacles. The recession has made job search hard. But…
  3. You make a commitment. To be successful in job search, you have to commit to taking the steps to learning job search strategies and tools.
  4. You probably will experience setbacks. Job search throughout the recession has taken longer than ever before for many people. You cannot expect to have a job within the month, it will likely take longer. Your first interview may be only a practice run and you won’t land the job.
  5. When you experience setbacks, you will have to decide if you will continue moving forward.
    This is where I see so many job seekers stumble. They hit the wall when the first interview doesn’t pan out or their resume falls on deaf ears. They think it will never end but you have to get back out there and try again. It is the only way to meet your job search goals.

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  1. Chele on July 15, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    Hi Julie,
    Look at what you have accomplished with motivation, determination, and perseverance to keep going in spite of the obstacles. Your article inspires me not only to keep moving forward and continue to motivate and support others on their personal fitness journey, but to also continue to help the job seeker with their job search in gainful employment. Thank you for the extra push!! You’re awesome!!

    Chele (TheNetConnector)

    • Julie Walraven on July 15, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      Thanks, Chele! Right back at you! Not only is your challenge motivating but your helpful tips and encouragement have been so helpful to me. The journey I started a few years ago to work Design Resumes solo has been challenging in many ways and one of the ways is that because I spend much more time on the computer, my health has suffered. Your challenge was perfect timing!

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