The formula for a substantial job offer

The formula for a substantial job offerPeople often ask me "Do your clients get results?" when they wonder if they should hire me. The answer is "Yes" but there is a formula to a substantial job offer. There also is a strategy in the implementation of the formula.

The Formula for  a substantial job offer

Start with a great resume

Since I am a professional resume writer, you probably figured I would mention the resume at some point. Resumes for a successful job offer clearly delineate the target (what job are you going after) and your value to the organization (what talents, prior accomplishments, and skill sets you bring to the table.)

Too many people are anxious to send the same resume to multiple targets to see what sticks. You can reuse and re-purpose the same resume as long as the resume resonates with the value you bring to the target.

This is the kind of response your resume should be getting:

  • I wanted to let you know I just took a position. I'm very excited...exactly what I wanted. I can't tell you enough what a huge help you were for me...not only constructing an excellent resume and bringing my LinkedIn page alive, but also building my confidence. ~ President, US Sales
  • "The first thing the managers said when I walked into the interview was...."We just have to say, as soon as we saw your resume we couldn't get over it,  It is by far the best we've ever seen!" ~ Insurance Claims
  • "It all started with our work on the resume. About a few months after that, I started getting calls from head hunters and that new resume was so helpful. Thank you!!" ~ Non-profit executive
  • "I wanted to let you know you have another success story. I was recently offered a position in the healthcare industry. I will be getting amazing benefits and my starting salary is $13,000 more than what I make now!"
  • "Well back in August you made a résumé for me and wanted me to let you know how it went. I got the job and start the 14th of this month. It was a long road to get in and it started in your office so thank you very much for your help." ~ Production Maintenance
  • "Thank you!  Helping me redesign my resume and cover letter allowed me to get the looks that I needed to get interviewed.  I will recommend you to anyone on the job search!" ~ Teacher
  • "They were so impressed with my resume and application they invited me to interview for the opening. With over 300 applications from all over the United States I came out to be their number one candidate." ~ Parks Supervisor

Use networking to move your resume to the right readers

  • The clients with the speediest turnaround in their job search all used a strong network to get their resume in the right hands.
  • If all you are using is the point n' click strategy of hitting every possible online application and no networking, your job search will take longer.
  • LinkedIn should be part of your networking strategy. Build a strong profile and use it to find connections to your network and to the target job.

Make sure you follow up

  •  Not following up though it too is hard will stall your job search. Many people are afraid to use the phone. But despite the hundreds of other communication options today, the phone still matters.

Following these three steps will get you much further.

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