StockSnap_UKPMD8CC2T-1024x694 Time slips by even with your best intentions and your career goals slip away

You had the best intentions but you still saw your career goals slip away. Life gets busy, I know, and pretty soon even your best intentions get put back on the shelf.

Pretty soon you’re 30, then 40, then 50, and your career goals slipped so far away that you wonder if they even matter anymore.

But if you are not acting on any goals but just letting the current job pull you to work each day, maybe you should reconsider.

Don’t let your career goals slip away!

If I look back on contacts from job seekers in the past, I recognize many who delayed their decision-making. Even though I have worked with thousands of clients who recognized their dreams and rapidly rose even higher within their career, others never invested.

I get it. My process isn’t for everyone. But my heart breaks when I see someone struggling in their job search or hating their career because they didn’t take the time to follow their goals.

If you are thinking you should do something, you probably should.

  • Perhaps your resume is really stale and needs to be updated with current resume strategies
  • Or maybe you have a stream of jobs and have no clue how to position yourself with all that baggage.
  • Maybe you have never used LinkedIn and recognize you need to be present.
  • Perhaps your LinkedIn profile is empty of content but you don’t know what to put in it.
  • You might have filled in the blanks on LinkedIn but it really doesn’t tell your story.
  • Or all of LinkedIn is right but you have no idea how to use it to network.

Let me help you get your career goals on track

I work with job seekers from 20 to 67 and sometimes a bit older. I help people see their potential and position them to be successful. If they get stuck, I work with them to untangle misinformation and misdirection.

Are you someone who needs my help? Learn more here.