Top 15 resume writing misconceptions

When I present resume writing and career marketing to college classes, state job center groups, and AmeriCorps members, I always include job search myths. Inevitably, questions come up about resume writing strategies and assumptions about how resumes should be written.

I always begin my presentations by saying that what I tell them will perhaps sound contradictory to what they have read in books or even learned in classes but as a Certified Master Resume Writer, I have solid reasons and the backing of my profession for any advice I give.

The top 15 resume writing misconceptions

  1. Your resume must be one page
  2. Only use black print and no color
  3. You need to write an objective statement
  4. Don’t vary your formatting
  5. Use a template
  6. Never go beyond two pages
  7. Everything should be bulleted
  8. You don’t need a cover letter
  9. The line references upon request should end your resume
  10. You need personal data
  11. You don’t need accomplishments, resumes are about duties
  12. Don’t include charts or graphs in your resume
  13. Don’t use testimonials or quotes in your resume
  14. You don’t need a resume because you apply online
  15. You don’t need a resume because you have LinkedIn

These are all incorrect assumptions and some of them could cause you to make fatal mistakes that will cost you a job. Each point has a link to another post I wrote previously with more information to help you understand the issues you face in writing resumes.

What Are The Key Factors In A Resume Success Rate?

  1. Is your resume targeted? Targeted resumes are designed with a specific career goal in mind and the reader can easily figure out the reason the person is applying for the job. Untargeted resumes often get throw out because it looks like the person is trying to randomly hit any job that comes up.
  2. Does your resume include accomplishments that show your ability to do the job and succeed? Resumes that rely on duties instead of demonstrating the value the individual would bring to the company are useless.
  3. Have you incorporated the keywords that demonstrate your qualifications in the industry?
  4. Does your resume have the WOW factor? Employers and hiring managers are inundated with resumes and want to see someone who created a document that captures their attention without being gaudy or bizarre.

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