What a Challenge Does to Me

daisy-like-flowers-opt Most people who either know me or who have read other blog posts know that I play a dual professional role of being a professional resume writer with my own business, Design Resumes, while also being the Operations Manager for Wausau Whitewater.

The Wausau Whitewater role is a subcontract which was originally designed to provide year around income when the resume business ebbs and flows. However, my passion for everything I do, turned Wausau Whitewater into more than fulltime.

Today I was faced with the challenge of the www.wausauwhitewater.org website being down right before both a recreational weekend and a major event, Midwest Freestyle Championships, next week. I needed to communicate how to get forms and see the schedule. Then I realized I have an independent blog for Wausau Whitewater, http://wausauwhitewater.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/midwest-freestyle-championships-2009-schedule/ and I could post the schedule, the form (maybe not a PDF) and relay the information about our lodging partners, http://wausauwhitewater.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/lodging-partners-for-wausau-whitewater-codeword/

My frown turned to a smile as I realized that I had once again found a solution that would leave communication open.

Thinking about the resume side, how many times do jobseekers give up before they take the time to see if there are other options? How many times do they fail to use the best resources available? and most importantly, how many times do they fail to network or think they have none?

If you are blaming others for not having a job or avoiding taking action, step up to the plate and look at your options, there are more than you think.

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