How Behavioral Assessments clarify your resume and career direction

I offer DISC profile assessments for my clients to help them better understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

Assessments are used by employers and career coaches throughout the world. I use DISC assessments because my provider, Profiling Pro, offers excellent customer service and educational resources to help me better understand how to interpret the results.

What can a DISC behavioral assessment tell you?

The Executive assessment is for leaders who aspire to Vice President, Director, CEO, or other C-level positions.

Of particular interest to the executive is how the Executive Profile identifies his/her communication preferences. By learning this information, the executive can negotiate a communication system with individuals and teams that is more effective and efficient.

For individuals struggling with the perennial quest, “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up,” heard as often from 40 and 50 year old clients as 20-something clients, the Career Planning Insight report suggests potential career targets.

One of the most life-affecting choices is your career choice. The average person who works full time for 35 years, averaging 40 hours per week for 50 weeks a year, will spend 70,000 hours of his/her life at work! The Career Planning Profile will assist clients in finding their career direction by helping them begin to define a critical element—–their Occupational / Behavioral Style. Research suggests that different behavioral styles excel and are attracted to different occupations. Behavioral styles are a major ingredient in determining their career choice.

Targeted to Uniqueness

Research suggests that 50-80 percent of all employed adults are in the wrong job or career. The Career Planning Profile helps them make and plan career decisions and changes by clarifying job expectations, discovering reasons for inner conflict, stress experienced in past or present jobs and analyzing their perception of the “ideal job”. In addition, it provides a list of occupations and O*NET numbers which require behavior closest to their natural style.

A recent client said this about his assessment:

I just did a quick review of the assessment. This is right. Unbelievable!!!

If you are interested in learning more, just contact me. You can soon be on the road to learning more about yourself and making yourself even more marketable!

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