Don’t bury your resume accomplishments, showcase them!

How to avoid burying accomplishments? As you glance at resume samples notice the section called Selected Accomplishments, Key Initiatives, Performance Highlights, or even branded to fit the specific contributions the job seeker brings to the table. I wrote about this in the Start thinking of your Super Stories post.

Rapid Resume Readers may miss Resume Accomplishments

Those clients with 10 -15 years of experience or less may think successes can be tied to the position in the resume. The problem with that theory is that frequently the reader hasn’t dug deep into the resume before passing on to the next one.

Attention spans shrinking

Even without in the whole Application Tracking System (ATS), even when reading with the human eye, we don’t spend time. Admit it, you skim all the time. You skim through everything you touch from the newspaper to blog posts, from your emails to snail mail. I do it too. I skim to find what I am looking for and then read on if I want more information.

We read fast, we skim, we skip to the end.

Bombarded with so much information every day, we adapted methods to compensate. We read fast, we skim, we skip to the end. Your resume carefully crafted even by one of the best resume writers will get the same treatment. It’s hard to think that the hours we spend writing quality resumes may never get the attention they deserve. By using targeted sections in the top 1/2 to 2/3s of the first page along with other attention-getting methods, your resume will get more attention.

Don’t bury your resume accomplishments, showcase them!

Don’t put every accomplishment you have in the front section. Tie it to the company you worked at to give it value and perspective as well as an edge over the candidate who buried accomplishments deep in the resume.

Spend some time reviewing resume samples and you will get a taste of why this strategy is so critical.

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