Why taking action makes you feel better

why not to procrastinateIn our natural state, many of us tend to procrastinate. I do this. Even with this blog, despite my commitment to write often and reminders in my Daytimer and elsewhere, I often find it hard to write as much as I once did.

There are almost 550 posts on this site but for my content marketing strategy to work, I need to keep building new content.

Times when I procrastinate

I do the same thing with exercise, housework, and even resume writing. It is another reason why I use my business model for writing resumes live rather than using business models that some of my colleagues use. Hard to procrastinate when the client is working with you across the desk or across Skype!

Why you procrastinate getting your resume ready?

Clients have told me for years that after the resume writing process is completed, they feel so much better. Yet, I have had clients who initially contacted me up to a year before they scheduled their first appointment or others who tell me someone gave them my card years before they called the number.

I have my own theory as to why people who will eventually hire me put it off. I think change is hard in general and career change is very hard. We want to keep things steady and safe. We are afraid of change. Even starting your resume, indicates that you are taking action.

Of course there are other reasons for not moving forward on career change or resume writing. Sometimes we just think we will fall into the next position. This could be true but people who are prepared for the next opportunity are more likely to be hired. I can’t tell you how many panicked calls I have received from people who need a resume for a networking opportunity and the last one they had is 5 or even 10 years old.

Don’t wait until the last minute for anything.

Psychologically, you will find yourself breathing a sigh of relief every time you actually do whatever it is you are procrastinating. Start today and evaluate what you are putting off and make it happen!

Why does taking action makes you feel better?

Anytime you can reach a goal, you just feel better. You are mentally rewarding yourself for following through! Or you can take it one step further and break out into a song of celebration or do your version of a touchdown dance. When we reach our goals, we need to celebrate!

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