Are you doing job search the lazy way?

Too many people think the magic of job boards means that all the jobs they want are out there. Wrong? The boards overflow with jobs but they don’t represent all the jobs that are available. If you are relying on your online application alone to get your phone ringing, you will probably lose.

Are you doing job search the lazy way? I have to post my resume online

Moreover, people who think posting their resume online will get them a job can expect a huge disappointment or even possibly a phishing attempt. If you don’t have a very unique talent or skill set, posting your resume on any of the major job boards is unlikely to get you personalized attention of the hiring manager. The one exception (and it doesn’t involve the posting of your resume) is using LinkedIn as a platform to garner attention from hiring managers and recruiters looking for candidates with specific skills.

Are you doing job search the lazy way? But I am on LinkedIn

There is a huge difference between having a LinkedIn account and actually optimizing your LinkedIn profile with the right keywords and accomplishments to generate the interest that you need to be hired. Frequently, I write three to four LinkedIn profiles per week with my clients. Often, I am working with top-level executives and people who are charged with corporate communications but finding the right way to reach the audience when it is YOU that you are selling is tough no matter where you are in your career or what kind of communicating you do regularly.

Strategy is key – in your resume and on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn, just like your resume is a strategy. When you have an optimized LinkedIn profile that fully depicts your value to the reader, you have one more tool in your arsenal. You also have to use that tool. You need to integrate building relationships, taking them offline. Have a conversation. If you are in the same area, have coffee, lunch, or just a chat. If you are speaking with someone who is across the country, schedule a Skype call but have an agenda and ask permission. Say thank you when people help you.

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