How to ask for help when you need it

How to ask for help when you need itMost of us go through life pushing through issues. Some people are very good at asking for help when they need some but others struggle with the idea of admitting that they can’t do everything themselves.

Do you try to do everything yourself?

Entrepreneurs and those who have an entrepreneurial mindset are often very good at thinking they can do everything themselves. The idea of hiring someone else to do something when they can muddle through it themselves crushes the entrepreneur and those with the entrepreneurial spirit.

It took me a long time to recognize how many things that are better done by someone who knows what they are doing. My taxes are now done by my accountant instead of Turbotax because even though I could input the data into Turbotax, I didn’t have the accounting background to recognize and create a tax planning strategy or be assured that it was correct.

Recognizing that you should ask for help

When you recognize that you need help, you are halfway there. Some of my clients hesitated before they hired me because they were convinced that they should be able to manage their career change or job search by themselves. Many people apologize when they are talking to me saying that they know they should be able to write their resume by themselves. I wonder why.

How an expert grows in skills

Why do we persist on pressing through doing a sub par job because we think we should do things ourselves? Job search experts like myself spend many hours honing our craft. We study resume strategies, we digest new job search strategies, we interface with other job search experts often .

To become an expert, you have to practice

We also practice our craft. I work with clients all week-long putting in more than 50 hours a week writing resumes and crafting job search solutions for my clients. When you practice something daily, you build skills that you don’t have when you do something once in a while. Ask any musician, a talented musician will have innate talent but they grow in their craft by practicing.

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