How to optimize job search in 3 easy steps

How to optimize job search in 3 easy stepsOptimize job search in 3 easy steps? I didn’t mean to imply that job search is easy. It really isn’t. It may be one of the hardest things you will ever do. But in 30 years of working with job seekers I see simple steps that many people avoid.

To optimize job search, is your resume ready and targeted?

We always have to start with the resume. You can’t begin a job search until you write one. But you have to take it to the next level from that resume concept you have in your head. The questions I get from people who trusted me to hire me as their partner in their job search journey show that there is so much misinformation out there on resumes.

Can I really have more than one page? YES! Your resume is your story and you have to use enough pages to tell it. We don’t need a book but we do need to know more than where you worked and your title. The hiring manager doesn’t want to know duties at least not in the real sense. The hiring manager wants to know skill sets and then he wants to know how you used the skills in a unique way that brought value to your past companies. He wants to know that you will bring value to his company. I could go on about the resume misconceptions but you can read more about that here.

Optimize job search by using LinkedIn?

Job seekers wonder if they should use LinkedIn or they have a bare bones profile because they are afraid to complete it or don’t know how to do it correctly. I can fix that. Just hire me to write your LinkedIn profile and coach you on proper use of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not just for job seekers but it is an incredible tool for a job seeker. One of the big fears I hear is that their company will see that they are on LinkedIn and think they are moving on. If this is your fear of really using LinkedIn, you need to come up with a real explanation for creating a complete profile on LinkedIn. How about this one?

I understand that social networking is here to stay. I created a LinkedIn profile to allow me to network with similar people in the largest professional social network on the planet. I see LinkedIn as a platform that can connect me with people of like minds who can enhance my professional expertise.

Have you used Google to learn what you need to know?

My first tool to use to find about anything is Google. Your computer, phone, and/or tablet connect you to amazing resources. If you want to know more about interviewing, start with Google. Here’s a link based on the word “interviewing.” Figure out who the experts are and read some blog posts. Page one of Google is usually the strong one. I always avoid the paid ads and go to the organic search. My rule of checking information is to look for professional-looking websites that don’t give me the feeling that I am being spammed. I look for credentials if there is an author to verify that the writer knows their area of expertise.

Take it beyond Google.  Use Twitter’s hashtags. Want to know more about interviews? Try #interviewtips in a Twitter search. This will give you a stream of interview-related topics. Over time as you use Twitter more, you will build connections with people who share quality information so you can trust that it is correct.

Most of the time, job seekers are only using a fraction of the tools available to them. Start with these three tips and expand from there.

Need help? Hire me, a Certified Master Resume Writer. I can take the pain out of writing your resume and even make it fun. We work together to discover those forgotten contributions and position you to win your next role. To find out more, click here.

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