I want the perfect resume for my dream job!

I want the perfect resume for my dream job!I field numerous calls from prospects who want to know how long it takes, how much time they must spend, and of course, how much it costs to create their perfect resume.

Some of these people become my new clients. But some people don’t. Why not?

Job seeker says: I need a new resume tomorrow.

  • Quality takes time. Don’t expect quick turnaround.
  • Most top resume writers book appointments two or more weeks in advance and some book even a month in advance.
  • Even with my writing live process, we meet for 4-5 two-hour sessions to complete a resume for entry-level clients and more for those at higher levels. I am already committed to other clients, you need to be scheduled into the workflow.
  • Conclusion: Plan Ahead

Caller says: I don’t have time to talk with you, finish your worksheet, or consult with you, just write my resume!

  • I can’t possibly create a resume that resonates with your value and captures your accomplishments without your input.
  • Time spent consulting with me will create a better resume.
  • When I assign a worksheet, it helps the client recognize his accomplishments and prepare for upcoming interviews. I don’t use worksheets exclusively but rather incorporate them as part of my information gathering system.
  • Conclusion: Plan to invest your time to giving input.

I don’t want to pay much

  • When you work with me, you invest into a custom product and process. We choose your design, wording, and resume strategy with you in my collaborative interactive writing process.
  • Resumes are an investment into your career. My rates are carefully set to craft a solution for your job search needs based on your career path, your career level, and your current or prospective salary.
  • You can write your own resume. Just invest the same amount of time into research, learning current resume strategies, and mastering resume formatting as I have. With a so-so resume, you will be lost in the crowd.
  • Conclusion: If you want to succeed in your career, you need to invest.

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