If I'm not a job hunter, why do I need a resume?

If I'm not a job hunter, why do I need a resume?Not a job hunter? Ask most professional resume writers and they will tell you that we believe that everyone should have a resume. It may sound like we are just looking for clients but in reality, it is because professional resume writers and career marketing professionals understand that a resume is more than a job application.

If I’m not a job hunter, why do I need a resume?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners should have a resume as both a marketing tool and to substantiate their background and skills if they need a bank loan.
  • Executives and consultants should have a resume to share with prospective clients who may hire them to consult.
  • Business owners who subcontract with other businesses should have a resume to demonstrate their skills and capabilities.
  • A resume is a networking tool when you are a speaker or workshop presenter.
  • Professionals who want to serve on Boards for non-profits or other corporations will often be asked for a resume.
  • Every individual should be prepared with a current resume because life changes, jobs end, your own needs may change, and being ready is a big part of making change easier.

What does a resume look like that is not targeting a new job?

I frequently work with professionals and consultants who plan to use their resume as a marketing tool. All of the resumes I write are targeted so I would never begin a resume with an “I want a job” type of approach. The resumes I write sell the client’s value and are targeted to the direction that they are seeking. If I work with an executive, consultant, or business owner, I am positioning them for the industry they are targeting and creating accomplishment-driven statements to capture their unique background and success stories.

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