Is your enthusiasm showing?

Is your enthusiasm showing?I admit there are days when my enthusiasm and joy in everything wanes. The crisis of the moment takes over or the weather is exactly the opposite of what I want or I feel pressured or scared. However, I try to make those days the exception rather than the rule.

Negative thinking gets negative results.

When you let your enthusiasm slip, your attitude meter shifts, and you spend more time complaining rather than rejoicing. All of these affect your daily life. By projecting negativity, you tend to attract it. Negative thinking attracts other negative thinkers.

You may even think you have an impact on events or happenings way outside your sphere of influence. How many armchair quarterbacks insist that when they watch, their team loses? At that point, I tend to say, “Negative thinking gets negative results.” I don’t really think your negative thinking can change the way the ball is throw or the pass is caught but it is a mindset that you project on the rest of your life.

Try projecting enthusiasm instead!

You don’t have to move into cheerleader mode but you can change your outward attitude to one of joyfully looking forward to the day. The old adage to count your blessings still holds true.

  • Did you get up this morning and have running water?
  • Do you have electricity?
  • Is there food in your fridge or pantry?
  • Do you have clothes to wear?
  • Perhaps the sun is shining or if not, find beauty in the clouds.
  • If you are reading this on a phone, computer, or tablet, you have technology and Internet access.

You add to the list. You have more blessings than you acknowledge. I work with job seekers and career changers daily. Some of them are very unhappy with their current circumstances – that’s why they hired me. But as we work together, we find stories of successes, we find hope in a future, and eventually they find success in a new role.

For today, find a way to show and share your enthusiasm for positive things in your life.

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