You have never lived in a better time to be unemployed

Does that headline sound like ridiculous advice? “You have never lived in a better time to be unemployed.”

But think about it. We have had recessions before. We have had economic uncertainty before. We have had tough times before.

Never before in the history have we had the access to technology and career professionals.

Never before in history have we been able to network around the globe in seconds. I totally know how challenging the market place is for the job seeker but I also believe it is exciting times.

Free Career Marketing Resources

If you use just the free resources out there, you access the collaborative brains of thousands of career professionals and recruiters that before were hidden from your sight.

A savvy web researcher can get up to speed on the right way to job search, the right way to write a resume, the right way to do career marketing, and the right way to network in a very short time.

Why some people stay unemployed longer than others? That’s a question many people ask.

I believe the answer falls in the willingness to invest their time or money. There are ways of correctly doing the research. You can find the right professionals to figure out how to land the new job, write the resume, and navigate the multiple methods of job search. It certainly doesn’t require a career professional to get a new job. However, the job seeker must do as much work learning the process as a career pro does.

When you invest in Career Marketing Resources

When you select an expert who can guide you through every step of a job search and hire the right expert, you make your job search much easier.

  • As hard as it is to think about an investment into services, think about the college student who either invested thousands of his own money or his parents’ money into his education. The investment into an expert career professional to make sure that he gets a job pales in comparison.
  • The hard working middle manager is eager to get back to work. He wastes months looking for a job the wrong way. An investment into the services of a career professional would have him earning an income in a very short time.

Think about the cost of not working

When someone is struggling to pay the rent or mortgage and buy gas, it is hard to think about another cost.

Career professionals do much more than write your resume. As a skilled career pro, I write LinkedIn profiles and teach you how to use this tool. I teach you how to use social media for job search. In addition, I partner with Alex Freund, the Landing expert who provides individualized interview coaching and a bevy of other career coaching tools.

Your career will evolve during your lifetime. You may have multiple jobs. Understanding the value of career marketing and how to open the doors to your career potential will remove the frustration of job search and help you find your next position.

Stuck in your job search or existing position? Don’t know how to get unstuck? Hire an expert to do it for you. You will hit your target much more quickly and be doing what you do best instead of trying to figure your way through the job search maze. To find out how, Click here!


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