Let there be light! Steps to put light on your job search!

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I was sitting in my Design Resumes office yesterday afternoon writing a resume for a new client and it was getting hard to see. I walked over to the light switch and turned it on. And then there was light! And I could see again.

It’s an ordinary moment but it struck me. Though I have been in this office for a few years,the lights were installed in March. During the daytime, there is plenty of light flowing in my banks of window but on cloudy days or at night, the old lights didn’t light my desk area.

It was so nice to not be sitting in the dark. I think better with light. We can parallel this with the job search. Often job seekers struggle in the dark of unemployment and job loss. The hurt stays with them and they wonder if they are ever going to find something new and connect with a new employer.

Steps job seekers can take to put light on their job search:

  1. Don’t invoke the law of subtraction
  2. Restore and reinvigorate your routine after job loss. (8 solid steps)
  3. The 4 essential ingredients for your job search: (Value-rich resume, compelling  cover letter, back door networking strategies, and solid online applications when that is the only way to apply.

I didn’t realize the difference those lights would make to my concentration and creativity. When we sit in the dark without the right resources or information, we remain confused and sometimes depressed. We start complaining about all sorts of things that may have nothing to do with the present issue but the lack of light (insight) into a solution hangs over us.

Or perhaps it isn’t you who is looking for a change in your career or a new job, but we all know someone who is looking. Pointing them to resources is a good way to help or you could take it one step further by investing in their future.

If you turn on the light by spending some time reading blogs like this one that give free insight on the job search and perhaps invest in professional help, you will find yourself seeing solutions all around you.

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