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Social Media in Job Search #2

Do you feel like your experience with LinkedIn is fruitless?

Question: I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with LinkedIn. What should I do?


Is your profile complete? Here’s my LinkedIn Profile Look it over.

  1. If yours has only your job history and no details, just realize that you aren’t using the power of LinkedIn.
  2. Think accomplishments, tell the story: CAR, Challenge, Action, Result —
  3. what did you do at each position that made you valuable?

Are you branded? Look at this one for KimWoodbridge: “Freelance WordPress Consultant and Web Developer at(Anti) Social Development.” A person reading your profile should be able to tell at a glance what you offer. This should not be your current job title.

Do you have a profile picture? Seek out a reliable photographer who can capture your image and help you look professional. Scott Savage took my last two headshots and the most recent one was done in my home office.

Are you connecting with other people? If you sit up there all alone, it won’t work. The world will most likely not come to you. I know I did it at first, I still say thank you to the people who bailed me out. To find out who, check out My Journey with LinkedIn

Are your connections open? If you lock your connections, in my opinion and Jason Alba of “I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?”, you shouldn’t. I suppose there are special exceptions but if you do, you have minimized the effectiveness of LinkedIn.

If you are worried about privacy you probably shouldn’t be on LinkedIn anyway. If your connections are unlocked, they will be found with the LI search engine anyway if someone searches for them. Just Don’t! Set your connections, like this:

Connections Browse – You can control whether or not your connections are able to view the people you are connected to, although they will always be able to see shared connections.

Learn how browsing connections works.

Allow your connections to view the rest of your connections list?

or Cancel

Are you giving recommendations and requesting them? A recommendation makes you more valuable. Giving them to people you think highly of increases the odds that they will give you on back.

Are you using LinkedIn to make real life connections?

  1. Local people: invite them to lunch, coffee, or breakfast.
  2. Remote connections: talk by e-mail, phone, Facebook, or some other social media.
  3. Connecting in real life grows relationships!

Does that help? Do you have other LinkedIn questions? Ask me.

Talk to me — I talk back!

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