How to make your holiday job search pay off

How to make your holiday job search pay offHoliday job search? You may have heard that you should halt your job search during the holidays. The reasons abound:

  • No one is hiring during the holidays.
  • People are focusing on their Christmas plans not jobs.
  • Everyone is traveling to family members and out of the office.
  • Holiday job search doesn’t work.
  • Companies cut jobs during the holidays.

How can you make holiday job search work?

Despite all that nay-saying, there are ways to leverage the season and create opportunities for holiday job search. You may have to be more creative and be more willing to step out of your comfort zone, but don’t assume that the door is closed just because it is the holiday season.

3 key tools to help your holiday job search

  1. Get your elevator speech down. Your elevator speech is your 30 second introduction to who you are, the value you bring, and what you are looking for in your next role. The key is keep it short and focus on how you can help them not a litany of all the things you have done. My latest elevator speech: “I can help you win new positions by using my interactive coaching style of resume writing to create your new resume and help you use multiple tools such as LinkedIn to propel you to success in your job search!” Writing your elevator speech done helps and so does practicing it in front of a mirror or with people you trust.
  2. Have business cards made. Vista-Prints has a $9.99 special most of the time. Make sure your business card has your contact information, your LinkedIn URL, and your brand – what you are looking to do. (i.e. Hospitality Management, Facilities Management, Global Marketing Executive, Systems Analysis, Business Development, Healthcare Sales)
  3. Always look presentable. Don’t arrive in ripped blue jeans, messy hair, or dirty T-Shirt. First impressions count!

4 reasons to keep your job search going during the holidays

1.) Networking opportunities abound for your holiday job search:

  • Family gatherings – be ready to let Uncle Dan and Cousin Sally know that you are on the market, especially if they live in the area you want to work. But remember we live in much more of a global community now. Don’t assume that Uncle Dan isn’t connected to someone half way across the country. Add your family members to your LinkedIn network.
  • Neighborhood parties – Carve out some one-on-one time with that very connected neighbor of yours. Don’t get overbearing or haul out your resume. Just let people know that you are looking for a new opportunity but be specific.
  • Church events – the Sunday school program can be an opportunity to speak to other parents. Some churches go caroling.
  • Special events – you will see concerts and gatherings all throughout the community, get out there and mingle.

2.) Companies are gearing up for the new year, time to get your foot in the door

3.) Send holiday greetings

Reconnect with long-lost friends and associates and drop the word that you are on the hunt. You might be just what they need. Reconnect with recruiters and let them know you are on the market.

4.) Less competition – everyone else took the holiday season off.

Make your presence known. You could be the solution to the employer’s problem.

Don’t quit your job search because of the holidays. Keep the momentum going. Leverage all the opportunities. I mentioned in my last post that in December 6 people have let me know they landed new roles. Only one of those landed earlier in the year and was just letting me know. The rest either just started or will start in January. Make your move now!

Land your next role! I can help you win new positions by using my interactive coaching style of resume writing to create your new resume and help you use multiple tools such as LinkedIn to propel you to success in your job search! Learn more here

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