Raise your hand if everything is perfect

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Raise your hand if everything runs smoothly for you all the time.

Is your hand up? No, why not? Guess what? Neither is mine or any reader that is being honest right now.

When your world is not running smoothly, you think every else around you is in the perfect world. If you are unemployed, you think everyone else is happily employed in the best possible position. If you have trouble with paying the bills, you think you are the only one. If you aren’t getting along with a family member, you think every other family you know never argues.

our perspective is skewed by our present pain

Most of the time when we think that way, it is because our perspective is skewed by our present pain. We find it hard to get out of ourselves to see that everyone struggles with something. If a person is blessed by a great job and financial ease, often you find that someone they care about has a fatal illness. If a person is healthy, you might find that they are challenged by a strong-willed child whose choices cause family strife.

We all think that we are the only ones with whatever problem we face. And we bury those problems, fail to talk about them, and aren’t willing to let others know that we could use some help.

Guess what? We all can use some help. The perfect world doesn’t exist for anyone.

Help someone else today. Your problems will get smaller as you see what someone else is dealing with.

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  1. Davina on August 8, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Hi Julie.

    If everything was perfect it would be very hard to type this comment 🙂 It does help to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to realize that we all have our challenges. At least it helps me to not wallow in self pity and to keep going.

    • Julie Walraven on August 8, 2010 at 8:54 pm

      Exactly! Thanks for stopping by! We all have challenges and need to keep on keeping on… Hope all is well with you, Davina!

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