The logic behind my new resume package landing page

If you regularly visit my site, you may have noticed some changes. If you are new here, keep reading because you will gain insight on what is new and why.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Though I have written resumes since 1983, a working website really became part of my strategy in 2010. This site has undergone many changes but I kept feeling like something was missing. Questions prospective clients asked kept going back to what are your services and how do they differentiate. I realized I needed something to better illustrate those differences and determined a matrix was key to showing people easily the resume package value and differentials.

Showcase your best attributes

I am in the business of helping my clients differentiate themselves from the competition and showcase their best attributes, it would only make sense to do the same thing for my marketing strategy. Through consultation with multiple parties and finding the right tools to do the job, the all new Select your resume package landing page was born.

Select your resume package

What does each resume package offer?

This page answers the question, what does each package offer with an easy to read matrix that shows the progression from one package to another. I believe that the best job search strategy is an integrated services approach using LinkedIn combined with other services.

I moved package components around to make sure that I was offering more tools as the client investment increased but also offering services such as LinkedIn which has been proven to be an asset for most job seekers early on.

I revealed the page while in construction to a variety of friends, clients, and colleagues and implemented their suggestions to improve the page. In fact, I reversed the matrix layout with feedback from a client and a colleague to better show the progression between packages.

The soft launch

The page was originally soft-launched on November 1. In the first week, I sold 4 resume packages, two Silver, 1 Gold, and 1 Platinum. All were clients who understood the value of career marketing (marketing the person to employers) and wanted to experience tools that would help them reach their goals.

Since the soft launch, I made changes and added other career marketing tools. As more value-infused job search or career marketing tools become available for job seekers and entrepreneurs, I am sure there will be other changes. Customization is still available if needed for clients who desire specific services offered in higher level packages.

The Entrepreneurial client’s needs

Not all of my clients are looking for a job or career change. Some of them are getting ready to launch their own entrepreneurial endeavor. They recognize that they too need tools, usually they still need a resume but the target is very different from a resume for a specific job. The entrepreneur is selling his or her value as an entrepreneur. LinkedIn becomes a key item in their tool box but they may also need an executive or professional bio and a mini bio for introductions when they are a speaker. The possibilities are endless. Website content, social media profiles, and strategy coaching.

Now you know the rest of the story! If you find that you are in the market for career marketing or entrepreneurial marketing, review the new landing page: Select your resume package and contact me!

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