Ruining your hiring chances with a one page resume?

one page resumeWhen I teach resume writing seminars, someone always asks the one page resume question.

  • I read an article that said you really need to keep your resume to one page.
  • My English teacher said all resumes have to be one page.
  • The career center advisor said all resumes have to be one page.
  • My father (fill in the blank of your relative, best friend, or in-law) said my resume should be one page.
  • I heard your resume should be one page.

Hint: follow the links above (one page) for reasons that the one page resume is the wrong goal for your job search!

It doesn’t matter where you heard it or read it, it is WRONG!

Your resume has a job to do. It is a marketing document and if you shrink the font so that it fits on one page or leave things out to be a one page resume, you defeat the purpose of the resume.

The purpose of the resume is to sell!

Who? YOU! You are the product and the resume is your marketing plan. If you don’t take care to create a marketing plan that resonates with value, tells your story, and brings the reader to action, you have failed.

The resume’s job is to get you the interview but to do that, it has to differentiate you from the potential 1,000 other applicants. While smart job hunting strategies like using your network make a difference, you have to be able to convey value in that resume to get your network working for you.

Throw away the one page myth, make sure your resume is at least 10 pt font and position your accomplishments to showcase your value.

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