A Few of a Resume Writer's Favorite Things

fireplace-blog1Getting all wrapped up in the cares of the day, I lose sight of making sure that I appreciate life in general. I don’t think I am unique.

Resume writing clients overwhelmed

Overwhelmed was a search word on Twitter and frequently is a response I hear from people all around me. I’ve been coached to take time for myself, to find balance, to just let things go, but it is hard.

At this moment, life slowed down a bit.

Oh, I have a to-do list as always, even some items that really need priority but today, I have been in an appreciation mode.

Looking at Job Search alternatives

I had a great talk with a Design Resumes client this morning about the jobs he likes and the jobs he doesn’t. He’s very employed and very much in demand but is just in a reflective mode of wanting to look at alternatives.

He told me there are things he knows he can do well but he doesn’t like doing them. I told him he should pay attention to that feeling because though we all have to do things we don’t like sometimes, if that is the essence of a job, we will end up frustrated and probably overwhelmed.

Refocusing career management and job search planning

I find myself listening to the advice I give others and finding it resonating with me.

It is time to take time, to appreciate, to stop running to play catch-up, to stop to smell the roses, appreciate the sunsets, read a good book, and enjoy a good fire.

Time to slow down, to regain balance, so that the “me” is refreshed and ready for the next challenge. This is hard for me to do and I think hard for many people to do.

But if you find that “overwhelmed” is your word too, maybe you need to look for that balance with me so that your career becomes manageable instead of it managing you.

Talk to me, I talk back

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