Change is in the air!

It’s springtime here in Wisconsin and all around you can see changes. My own life has been changing lately too. Up until about a month ago, my oldest son was living with us. Tim had left when he was younger and then returned again in late 2008. He’s 26 now but for him and many other young people, it is hard to get launched.

He has always had a job but since the plan had been for him to move to the house he and his brother, Dan, have been remodeling, he stayed with us until his room was complete at the other house. Dan moved out in April of last year but he had still been coming back to shower and it made no sense for two of them to be there until the bathroom was complete.

Tim’s birthday is in March and with a new bed from his grandfather and his room painted and carpeted, he moved over to the other house.

The impact on me

Since my husband’s job is to be the caregiver for his dad, he eats his meals with his dad except on Sundays leaving me to fend for myself most nights until my husband gets home around 7 or 8pm. Though Tim didn’t eat with me all the time, he was around after he was done with with work most days. Now it is me and Buddy most of the time.

The interesting thing that seems to have happened is that I have suddenly had a large number of clients whose best time to meet is in the evening. Now I find myself booking more appointments in the evenings with clients who are all over the United States and beyond. Any potential void that was there when Tim moved out is gone.

How do you adjust to change?

Since the beginning of time, there have been changes. As family structures change with children leaving the nest or people aging, there are changes. This economy has forced changes that perhaps were not so welcome on many people like job loss or corporate restructuring. The way you deal with change will affect many things in your life and is worth you spending some time planning ahead so that the impact isn’t more than you can handle.

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