What is on the economic horizon for jobseekers?

We’ve all been holding our breath seems like for about five years now. This is the longest recession in recent history and I have my own theories as to why this is.

Complex global economic factors

Obviously, there are complex global economic factors that are at work that are far beyond my comprehension. However, I do know that there are some things in play now that are different than in the last recession in 2001. Did you know that there have been nine recessions since 1955?

We tend to think of this one and the Great Depression as the ones with the most impact on our finances. But recessions and recoveries are cyclic. When I went to the Economic Outlook: 2012-2015 presented by Clare Zempel, Economist and Investment Strategist in February at a Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce meeting, I didn’t realize how many times I would reference the presentation.

As I talk with clients worldwide, I hear the question all the time. Where do you think we are headed? What direction do you see things going? Mr. Zempel suggested there is no sign of long-term economic slow down and he does not believe we are headed into a double dip recession. You could almost hear the sigh of relief in the packed Jefferson Inn meeting room from the almost 200 participants.

Global communication

Here’s one of the big differences I see impacting the economy. We are now much more globally connected than ever before and we can communicate on multiple platforms much quicker than ever before. We talk with people in Europe and Asia, Canada and South America without batting an eye. The marvel of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ let us connect with people oceans apart and talk about things as mundane as the weather or as complex as the economic recovery. Since we now can spread information much more quickly, everything seems much closer.

Employers are watching too. How can they not hear the impact of all of the changes when you are surrounded with it. It is hard to build confidence when you hear so much bad news.

What should job seekers do?

My Design Resumes services have needed to change with the economy too. I spend much more time with my clients analyzing the potential career paths, understanding their specific talents, and reviewing the industries they are targeting. As the job seekers partner in their career marketing project, we explore how to best leverage their value and accomplishments and teach them how to find the hidden job market. Understanding that with the onset of the increased communication we also have increased opportunities to connect makes social media marketing as critical to the job seekers career marketing plan as it is to the small business marketing plan.

Individuals who are looking for a new job need to approach the market place as if they are doing comprehensive research. They can’t just grab the first job out there and hope it will be a good fit. The resume, which I contend is always going to the foundation of the job search is not just a piece of paper but a strategic marketing document designed to pinpoint the skill sets and value of the job seeker.

The danger I see is that many job seekers still think their brother-in-law is the most qualified person to help them with their job search or they lean on career centers that have not kept up with the times and are still promoting job search strategy that worked in 1980 but not today.

I think there is plenty of hope on the horizon but it takes the serious job seeker to invest the time and talent to market themselves effectively or they will find themselves stuck.

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  1. Jacob C on March 10, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    Some great points Julie, here in the U.K the jobs are very scarce. especially for young people. There are people I know that are opting out of education and university purely because they can’t afford it. Sad times.

    • Julie Walraven on March 10, 2012 at 5:42 pm

      Yes, I know the UK is a tough market too and the challenge is to find the connections to lead you to the next job. As far as education though, I assume you have options in the UK to go later. I firmly believe that college isn’t the next step after high school for everyone. Often it is wasted time and money. Many people here are non-traditional students and they seem to thrive as students compared to the younger ones that didn’t grasp the value. I think for some young people college is a great thing, just not for all.

      I also think there are many opportunities to create your own future if you really work at it. I dropped the supporting contracts for this business right in the midst of the recession to focus solely on the career industry which was also challenged by people who are hesitant to make moves, yet through savvy marketing coaching and the access to social media, I survived and many would say thrived. Hang in there!

  2. Donna, Life Coach on March 14, 2012 at 5:45 am

    I think that the Internet is the future, together with the globalization of the job market. I know these are not some big news, but it’s important to realize that there are some countries out there that are just discovering this potential and once they do, it will make new opportunities.

  3. Julie Walraven on March 14, 2012 at 6:36 am

    I think there are people – as well as countries who are discovering the potential and I think it will take a long time for all sectors to catch up. Thanks for stopping by, Donna!

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