Don't Apologize!

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Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not suggesting that you should never apologize to people for your actions. I’m talking about another kind of apology. One that I hear from clients all the time.

“I know I should be able to do this myself.”

Let me know if this crosses into other fields but I know that as a career marketing professional, clients call or even when we are working together on their projects, they apologize saying “I know I should be able to do this myself.” Or they say, “The last time I did this was in college.” Or they say, “my wife could have done this but she was busy.”

I know other career professionals hear this too. Listen, I don’t tell the mechanic, “I know I should install my own brakes, but…” I trust that he has the tools, skills, training, and has installed brakes for many different types of cars. He has experience. That’s why I choose his service. I don’t tell Becky and Nikia at Kasha Salon, “I’m sorry to bother you, I should be able to cut and style my own hair, but…” Actually, I make Becky or Nikia a little crazy every time I snip off my bangs when I didn’t schedule the appointment quick enough. I don’t tell the doctor, “oh, I’m sorry to bother you, I could have asked my husband to set my broken  leg but…”

You get the point. I hire experts to do what I can’t do well or don’t know much about or will never be able to do on my own. Why do I get that comment from clients? What is more important in your life than your job search? If you are unemployed, will you be shooting yourself in the foot by extending your search much longer because you didn’t ask for help to position yourself in the best possible light? If you are looking for the next promotion or moving on to a new company, wouldn’t you want the help of a professional to help you come up with the best strategy to highlight your accomplishments and teach you the best networking skills?

Use the energy of a network

I’ve networked with the career community since 1999 and have written resumes and other career marketing materials for more thanr 20 years. I literally talk to career professionals from around the globe on a daily basis, exchanging ideas, tips, resources, and more. My three career organizations keep me up to date on changing job search strategies. My personal library is overflowing with career industry books as well as state of the art marketing and networking skills. I’m a Microsoft Word expert, who has used every version since 1997 and can create attention-getting resumes published in multiple resume books. I am not alone. My colleagues are equally educated, networked, and talented.

Stop apologizing!

We want to help you! Give your favorite career marketing professional or resume strategist a call today so you can start being in the best position for your career!

Thoughts? Talk to me, I talk back!


  1. Boni Candelario on January 7, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Julie, Great post and very well said. I really like your comparisons to other situations when we need professional help. Even career coaches sometimes need to talk to their own coach for guidance and strategy. No one became successful entirely on their own. Your post helps me see when I am apologizing too much in my daily life. Love it and keep them coming!

    Boni Candelario
    Coach’m Up Boni

  2. Julie on January 7, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Thanks Boni, I’m glad you stopped by. I do find it difficult to get that message across and thought this might be one more place to share it. Thanks for the encouragement.

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