How to be more marketable as a job seeker

More marketable in your job searchHow do I make myself more marketable as a job seeker?

This is the million dollar question. If you are not marketable, you will struggle to find a job and once you find one, you will struggle to do the job. There are many different aspects about being more marketable in your job search.

Start with your technology skills

Job seekers need to make sure they keep their skills honed while searching for jobs. I find that people who either had administrative assistants doing all of their computer-related work or people whose jobs didn’t need computers in the past,  struggle when they ready to find their next position. The job search process itself has become exceeding automated and many job seekers just aren’t up to the task of even looking for a job, much less having the right skills to do the job once they land the new one.

Start with the basics. Learn how to manage your files! For people like me who live on a computer, it seems strange to think that some people struggle with what to do with a file when they get it as an email attachment. I get so many files daily that it seems second nature to me to have a system and a method for putting the files in order. But I get calls from people who can’t figure out how to find their resume (follow link for step-by-step instructions) on their computer and some that don’t know that you need to save it somewhere to be able to use it in a job application.

7 ways to make yourself more marketable

  • Add to your education — with more certifications or other learning that is key to your field.
  • Write your resume super stories and make sure they have quantifiable accomplishments.
  • Stay current with industry trends. Know what is cutting edge and how the industry is changing.
  • Bone up on top companies in your field (hint – Google is a great resource) CNN Money will tell you about the company from the financial perspective if they are publicly traded.
  • Build stronger technology skills in programs your field uses.
  • Practice interviewing proactively with a focus on how you will prove that you can do the job.
  • Learn the meaning of networking and then use networking to help your connections understand what you are looking for in a career and the value you bring to a company. Empower your network!

This is the tip of the iceberg but if you do these things, you will be more marketable. (And a side effect – you will feel better about yourself because you will not be wallowing. Wallowing is very bad in your job search.

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