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Choices? You face them everyday!

Sometimes we think about customer service as it relates to Breaking All the Records. Jim Connolly wrote about customer service in What’s your Experience, asking you to analyze what makes you choose one service or business over another and what makes a wonderful buying experience.

Jim’s post inspired Robin Dickinson to write his post, The Golden Key to being Remarkable They both spoke about the peak and off-peak experience.

Robin asked  “Why don’t businesses design their services for peak times?”

I talked about my restaurant experience but it is bigger than that. Customer service issues crosses the lines to all industries, retail shopping, grocery shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, and client-driven businesses like mine, Design Resumes. When I made the decision to focus on Design Resumes, it was a decision to start being deliberate, and not random.

It takes work to provide over-the-top customer or client service!

As Dan Gacke said yesterday in his comment, he wants to be in a WOW experience so that he will not only want to come back but he will bring all his friends. I understand how hard it is to consistently deliver a WOW experience but that’s not what puzzles me.

What puzzles me as a career industry professional who has spent most of her life crafting resume strategies and career marketing materials, why in this economy are we still getting BAD customer service?

If you are a job seeker now, you know that it is tough out there. Even with professional help, job seekers are finding it hard to find a new position. But if the statistics are right, about 90% of people are still employed.

With the threat of more unemployment ever looming, wouldn’t you think that every one in a job right now would be focusing on how they could remain a Job keeper so that they don’t have to compete in the marketplace as a job seeker?

I’ll tell you why it doesn’t happen that way. The mind is very talented at forgetting painful experiences. Ask any mother who has given birth, after a short time, you only remember that the experience of giving birth gave you a precious child. You forget the pain for the most part.

Unfortunately many job seekers also forget the pain of looking for work

They forget the pain of seeking a job and forget how they felt, how long it took, and all the effort that went into finding a new position. They get complacent. They start complaining about their new job, new boss, new customers… If you want to stay a job keeper or even grow to a more challenging and responsible role, I think the focus should be on the things Jim Connolly spoke about:

The kind of positive, commercially valuable experience I’m talking about here, needs to penetrate your marketing, your delivery, your customer service, your design – everything.

Robin Dickinson said:

You want to take your remarkability to the next level?  The golden key is to design your customer/user experience to be remarkable in both peak and off-peak periods.  This will put you at an immediate advantage against off-peak only providers.

Provide incredible customer service wherever you are working now as a “job keeper.”

What do you think? Talk to me, I talk back!


  1. LR on January 6, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Its tough to deliver wow when you are constantly learning new things and constantly shifted from position to postion. That is what is happening where i work now, so many of us are doing jobs we have necver done before and trying to accomplish them with the same qaulity and espceailly numbers, as people who on other shifts that have, and still, are doing the same position for ten or more years.The plant is all about puting out fires right now.

  2. Julie on January 6, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    But you said the key word, Lisa, Quality! If your attitude is about quality you will win. There will always be struggles in trying to do the best or even “your” best some days but this post was targeted to the people who throw in the towel or worse throw the towel at the customers and make the customer feel like they don’t matter. In a plant, you don’t get to experience the direct delivery to the customer but you still can recognize that putting out a quality product matters to the end user / buyer. Thanks for commenting and come back again!

  3. Ed Han on July 13, 2010 at 5:57 am

    Julie, I am a big fan of the power of perspective. A focus on the importance that what we are doing is important to someone (ourselves, others) is critical I feel in achieving WOW on a continuing basis.

    And without WOW–without being exceptional–I am forced to wonder: what is the point?

    I refuse to settle!
    .-= Ed Han´s last blog ..Why Personal Branding Matters to Job Seekers =-.

    • Julie Walraven on July 13, 2010 at 6:26 am

      Yes! Never settle, Ed! Keep being exceptional and expecting the exceptional!

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