Mind Spinning! Social Media – the college of my dreams!

IMG_1019Here’s Teddy, my German Shepherd< and his favorite washcloth… which reminds me of my title: “mind spinning…” He looks like a Ninja.

Re-evaluating my focus

I start my day very early, often at 5am, spend time reading blogs, checking links from friends on Facebook and Twitter and reevaluating my focus, not just for the day but for the future. It can be mind spinning.

I love the early mornings that clarify my thinking and energize my day. I think often on the impact that this thing we call Social Media (for lack of a better name) has had on my life.

Social Media – the college of my dreams

People who don’t understand call it a waste of time. For me, that’s not true. My social media experience is like the college of my dreams. Since discovering LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, I have grown. I think about the people I would never know about and the people I would never have enjoyed without social media. I would be missing so much.

I see 2010 as an adventure about to begin! I researched possible directions I will go in 2010 but largely I see it as an open door. Though I am careful in decision-making, I try not to throw away ideas just because they are unusual. This willingness to look at things opened many doors in 2009 and led me to make the big decision of leaving my role as Wausau Whitewater’s Operations Manager to focus on running Design Resumes.

Afraid of doing something different?

A client was here yesterday (amazingly at 6:30am!) and we were talking about some of the choices both he and I were making. We talked about people who can’t make choices, who are afraid of doing something different. This man is a long time client so I have watched his goals change but I have also watched his successes.

He is not afraid of launching something new. A logical, detail-oriented, very hard-working individual, he can innovate and do something new. I look forward to seeing him because I know that I can throw a new idea at him and he will evaluate it and give me sound feedback. But he will never tell me to abandon it, just because it is mind spinning.

As you look at options, career choices and how you approach 2010, keep an open mind. Open the door to new ways of looking at things, open the door to seeking out experts, and don’t let fear trap you into doing things the same way. Sometimes, the things that seem “mind spinning” are opportunities that could change your life.

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  1. RosieD on December 30, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Hi Julie,

    I am so glad you are on Facebook and that we are friends! Since we live so many miles apart I know you through the whitewater course I would have never found out how on the pulse of the matter of resumes and careers you are!

    So now I know exactly where I’ll go when I or a friend of mine needs help in that area and that your just a few “electrons” away 🙂

    It’s also nice to learn more about you than I could have just meeting you at the course. I was very bah humbug about social media for a long time but I have really grown to appreciate how easy I can get updates from pertinent organisations and from friends who are on different continents but now just seem so much closer.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Julie on December 30, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Thanks, Rosie, meeting you has been a blessing as well. Yes, I can work with anyone pretty much anywhere. You will see some changes for 2010 but they will be good ones!

    I love referrals…. this reminds me though. I must call a friend for you…

  3. TJ on December 30, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    Drum roll please….

    And the answers to the decision making… are they done yet?

  4. Davina on December 30, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    “Open the door to new ways of looking at things, open the door to seeking out experts, and don’t let fear trap you into doing things the same way.” This is excellent advice. It’s surprising how many different ways we can see something when we take the time to reflect.

  5. Julie on December 31, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Decision-making answers done for this phase, yes, TJ. But I see decision-making lately as continuous and I am grateful for the many advisors for different decisions.

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